Dear 18 Year Old Self


Dear 18 Year Old Self,

I know you’re scared and excited to experience college and to be one step closer to the “real world” but I have news for you. Shit is going to get much harder.

You’re not going to be valedictorian. You won’t even sniff cum laude.

You will suffer from anxiety and depression.

You will question whether or not your life has meaning.

You will want to kill yourself, but you won’t.

You will feel like a failure for most of your college experience.

You will get to experience a different country and fall in love with it. You will be bitten by the travel bug and wanderlust.

You will question your identity.

You will question your faith.

You will endure a very long season of confusion.

Your relationship with your parents will be strained.

Your best friend won’t understand what’s going on with you, but she won’t leave you.

You will not be applying to med school.

Your parents will not be happy with your decision to put off med school.

Your faith in God will seem weak, but it will actually grow.

Your experience in college will prepare you for the next hard thing you have to do: Your first real job.

I know you thought college was going to be the best four years of your life, but that saying is overrated.

Welcome to your life.


24 year old self


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