So Over Comparing Myself

I suffer from a deadly disease called comparisonitis. Its symptoms are: anger, despair, depression, self-loathing, lack of motivation, confusion, worry, and procrastination. Comparisonitis is triggered by random trips to the land of SOCIAL MEDIA. Today’s poison was Instagram. I was looking up a blogger and I somehow found myself scrolling through various people’s posts…. and all of a sudden I felt… like shit.

So and so got into law school. Another friend posted a killer video of her singing and playing guitar. Another friend posted a volunteering thing she did a few days ago. It got 43 likes. Yet another friend posted a video of him shredding it on acoustic guitar. 200something views. Scroll scroll scroll. Gag gag gag.

Why are people accomplishing amazing things while I’m sitting here wondering if I’m going to get fired from my job or not?

What the hell should I be doing with my life?

Why do people make it look so easy to be successful and awesome?

What’s my next move? How do I pull myself up from this cesspool of mediocrity and malaise?

How do I get over the fact that other people’s awesomeness doesn’t take away from my awesomeness?

I’m so over comparison…..productmockup



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