I Knew They Were Jealous When….

  1. They spent the entire evening complimenting how good they looked and didn’t say shit to me even though my outfit slayed, my hair was fierce, and my face was beat to the gods…
  2. They dismissed my ideas and made me feel like a fucking idiot
  3. They didn’t invite me to their parties
  4. They didn’t introduce me to their friends
  5. They intentionally excluded me from shit
  6. They dismissed my feelings
  7. They refused to listen to what I had to say
  8. They compared themselves to me
  9. They tried to compete with me
  10. They did stupid, basic shit when they didn’t measure up
  11. They stopped talking to me and started talking to each other
  12. They did everything they could to hurt my feelings but would smile in my face or not at all

But I let that shit go. I love them anyway. Jealousy will not dull my shine.

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