You Promised….

…that I would be an example academically, financially, spiritually and in all areas of my life

…that money would never be my problem

…that I would build new structures and new ways of doing things

…that I would be working in arts and media on and off camera

…that I would be instrumental to the Black community

…that You would speed things up financially for me

…that my debt would be paid off and it would be paid faster than I thought!

…that You would provide the money I needed to get my education

…that You were calling me to do things that no one had done before

…that I would open a small business

…that I would bring revival in the Black community

…that I would lead Black people, particularly Black women to purity and humility

…that I would be a mystic

…that I would make huge impacts in business and government

…that You would give me favor with You and people on all that I did

…that You would give me incredible platforms to speak to people

…that I would restore ruined cities and ancient ruins

…that I would help people change their lives

…that I would work with children in a variety of capacities, and rescue them from darkness all over the world

…that You would give me the grace to balance many different projects #productivity #efficiency

…that You would use my writing to the ends of the earth

…that You would provide everything I needed this summer

…that I would experience radical freedom

…that I would have friends in high places of business, government and other spheres of society

…that You would take me to many cultures and peoples all across the world to lead worship, to do missions, and business (consulting)

…that I would change the lives of high schoolers across the nation

…that You would give me an anointing to connect people with money and resources

…that You would give me an Ephesians 3:20 husband

…that I would write music that would change people’s lives


And yet here I am watching other people getting what You promised me. It’s like the more You speak the less I believe You. #fixitJesus #IwanterrthangYoupromisedme #andthensome



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