Damn I Thought I Could Sing!!!

So in my quest to become a better worship leader and singer-songwriter (among the millions of other things I want to do in life le sigh), I decided to invest in vocal coaching (something I’ve been wanting to do for years).

I can’t afford ridiculously priced vocal lessons.

Found this lady on Youtube. Scheduled a session.

First session was a vocal consultation. I had given her some samples of me singing.

She told me that I had no beauty in my voice….

She told me that if I wanted to sing R&B/Soul, there needed to be smoothness and beauty and I had none of that.

Damn. She came at my life.

Jesus told me that He loves to hear me sing.

This lady is telling me my voice isn’t beautiful.

Who should I believe?

In any case, I humbled myself and came back for another session.

We worked on breathing techniques (the foundation for good singing) and nuance.

It was in this first lesson that I realized…. I don’t really know how to sing….well…

Like I can sing. I can emit sound and I can make that sound sound good… but I don’t have good vocal technique.

I think she could have chosen her words better (no beauty in your voice… shut up… lol)… but she’s right in that I do have things I need to learn.

And so it begins…..


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