Fuck! Do I Sign the Lease or Not?!?!?

Ugh le sigh…. so much has happened over the past 96 hours.

Parents have convinced me finally to come home.

I want to come home because I want to save $$$$ and start my business.

I want to get ready for the next step: which is going back to school to pursue my JD/MBA.

The problem is…. I have to sign a lease within the next one week to stay in my current place for another year.

I don’t want to. I don’t plan to.

But I have to quickly find someone to take my place.

And even though they’re irrelevant, I’m afraid of the potential conflict this might cause between me and my roommates, who I’ve gotten pretty close to lately. My parents and bestie don’t understand this part about me…. but I do consider other people, quite heavily when I make decisions….how my actions might impact them, etc. Idk why. I wish I would stop. #fuckinginfjproblems


I’m tired.

Too much to do.

Not enough time. Not enough energy.

I need to go back home though.

Pray for your girl y’all.


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