So Over Pity Parties

Sooooo lol I threw myself a pity party last night and it was so dumb lol.

Even as I was crying I wanted to slap myself.

I’ve been crying over my situation for years. Tears ain’t change nothing!

After I took my behind to bed (sob sessions have a great way of making you sleepy), I woke up this morning and I said to myself:

Today is a great day to get my life together!

Today is a great day to clean my room. Clean the kitchen. Clean my bathroom.

Today is a great day to read. Journal. Think about my life and be intentional about creating action steps for change.

Today is a great day to live in the promise that my season of mourning is over and my season of joy has come.

The shift is here. Change is here. I just have to walk in it.

No more pity parties.

Will I have bad moments? Yeah. Will I get annoyed about shit sometimes? ABSOLUTELY!

But to indulge in the negativity until I cry myself to sleep? Negatory. I’m wasting time!!!!

I can use that energy to get myself back to a higher place and to a higher self.

While I’m here crying and dying on the inside, other people are living their dreams.

While I’m here crying….. other people are working and making their millions and billions.

Soooooo I’m done crying. The next time I cry it better be while I’m working lol.

I’m so over pity parties.





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