Why I’m Moving Back Home at 25

  1. Because I want to save money. I’m tired of throwing thousands of dollars away on rent when I could live at home for free
  2. Because I want to take advantage of all that my home state and surrounding metropolitan areas have to offer. #unparalleled #unrivaled #itslit
  3. I want to heal from all the shit that went down while I lived in this city away from home for 3 years. I got my heart broken in more ways than one, by several people, and I just want some distance away from those people. Geographical distance in my experience, helps to bring emotional distance also.
  4. I want to focus on my health and fitness. I want to be whole and prosper. This is easier to do when I’m not overworking myself to be able to pay rent and other bills.
  5. I sense God’s leading. I feel like God is making a way for me to go back home, and I think it’s best I follow.
  6. I want to be closer to family. Having to drive 2.5-3 hours to see family every few weeks is draining. I don’t like long commutes. Now I won’t have to do that.
  7. This may be the last time I spend this much time with family before I get married. I want to make the most of it #truefacts
  8. When I go back to school in 2019, by the grace of God, I’m never living at home for an extended period of time again. Let me get this out of my system #Itslit
  9. I’m trying to make hella $$$$ (I have business ideas out the wazoo and target markets waiting for me).
  10. I want to start some social impact shit. And make the world a better place, starting in my hometown where I was born and raised.
  11. I want to learn my mom’s cooking, create a recipe book and keep it preserved for all posterity #mymommytaughtme


There you have it people. Not all quarterlifers go back home to be moochers. Some of us have goals and shit we wanna accomplish. Don’t let the haters get you. Don’t be ashamed to take a step back so you can run forward and head to where you’re actually going. Sometimes backward motion isn’t always regression. Sometimes it’s a set up for great advancement. #changeyourperspective


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