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Note To Self: Every Moment is New

So you messed up

Fell down

Stayed down

Licked your wounds

Wallowed in grief and failure

So what?

Get up!

Every moment is new.


Your past decisions

Don’t have to determine your future ones

Unless you let them

You don’t get any of your time back

By crying over all the time you’ve wasted


Pain is real

Grief is real

Regret is real

Emotions are real

And yet, there are things even more real than what you feel

Things you must cultivate

Things you must work on

Things that don’t necessarily generate short-term returns

But determine the course of your life and how successful you will be at the end of it






You have the chance every moment to cultivate these things because

Every moment is new


One of the greatest deceptions that humanity has fallen under

Is that change happens in one huge fell swoop

And that if change takes time you’re doing something wrong

Change is the sum of thousands, millions and billions of decisions

You have to retrain your brain to make different decisions

Constantly. Each time. Until it becomes second nature

Make a mistake? Do something stupid? Waste time?


Make a NEW decision in this moment.

Do something different right now

And stop crying about all the bad decisions you made moments before.

Every moment is new.


Letter to My 30 Year Old Self

I’m turning 25 in July, and it’s making me think more and more about my future. So I decided to write a letter to my 30 year old self.

Dear 30 Year Old Self,

Greetings from your past! Currently life is kinda hard. You’re in transition. You’ve been suspended from your job and you have no idea whether you’ll be fired. You are over $125,000 in debt, and are making less than $40,000 a year. You are struggling to understand where God is in all of your mess, but you haven’t given up faith or hope. Even though your 24 year old self has gotten the shit knocked out of her, she is still ever optimistic. Here is what your 24 year old self is hoping for you in the future.

  1. She hopes that you have forgiven yourself for all past mistakes. Shit happened. Move on. Get over it.
  2. She hopes that you have forgiven everyone who has done you wrong. Shit happened. Move on. Get over it.
  3. She hopes that you have learned to love yourself well and are comfortable in your own skin. You are an incredible human being. You are unique. To admit that is not entitlement, arrogance or conceit. It’s stating facts.
  4. She hopes that you have learned to control your thoughts better. You are not a victim of your mind. You can cultivate your mental garden. It takes discipline, but you can do it.
  5. She hopes that you are debt free!!!!
  6. She hopes that you are making HELLA BANK! You’ve worked so hard for so long. Hopefully you’re enjoying the fruits of your labors.
  7. She hopes that you are with a man who is deeply in love with you and devoted to you. You are such an extravagant lover. Hopefully you’re with someone who reciprocates that.
  8. She hopes that you are free from your approval addiction. You can do bad and good all by yourself. You don’t need people to tell you what you already know.
  9. She hopes that you are doing what you love. Life is too short to waste time on frivolous and meaningless pursuits.
  10. She hopes that you are enjoying healthy, balanced relationships with family and friends. These kinds of relationships are important and not to be taken for granted.
  11. She hopes that you have furthered your education and have gained more skills and connections. Hopefully you’ve graduated from Harvard with a JD/MBA. Hopefully you’ve met some amazing people and have had the opportunity to not just learn and glean from them, but also add value to their lives.
  12. She hopes that you are currently owning your own business, if not several. Entrepreneurship has always been on your heart and mind. Hopefully you’re living the dream.
  13. She hopes that you matured in your faith. Hopefully you have a greater perspective on the purpose of suffering, and the beauty of redemption
  14. She hopes that you have added value to many people’s lives and are living your dream of making the world a better place.
  15. She hopes that you have travelled extensively and have experienced the delicious cuisines and the beautiful landscapes of many other countries and cultures
  16. She hopes that you are enjoying life, are content and are grateful for every minute

Dear 18 Year Old Self


Dear 18 Year Old Self,

I know you’re scared and excited to experience college and to be one step closer to the “real world” but I have news for you. Shit is going to get much harder.

You’re not going to be valedictorian. You won’t even sniff cum laude.

You will suffer from anxiety and depression.

You will question whether or not your life has meaning.

You will want to kill yourself, but you won’t.

You will feel like a failure for most of your college experience.

You will get to experience a different country and fall in love with it. You will be bitten by the travel bug and wanderlust.

You will question your identity.

You will question your faith.

You will endure a very long season of confusion.

Your relationship with your parents will be strained.

Your best friend won’t understand what’s going on with you, but she won’t leave you.

You will not be applying to med school.

Your parents will not be happy with your decision to put off med school.

Your faith in God will seem weak, but it will actually grow.

Your experience in college will prepare you for the next hard thing you have to do: Your first real job.

I know you thought college was going to be the best four years of your life, but that saying is overrated.

Welcome to your life.


24 year old self