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How I Felt About Teaching

As summed up by Dee-1:


Just clocked in I’m like here we go again
I don’t wanna be here shoulda never came in
Will I be a slave ’til the day I’m in the grave?
(I don’t know) x2

I think I’m a try to get fired on purpose
I don’t like my boss and I hate my co-workers
Time moving slow on my watch when I look
I’m a spend a whole day on Instagram and Facebook
I’m a sneak some naps in, I know how to duck off
Would quit right now, but I need this check dawg
Feel like I ain’t growing, feeling like a robot
Same routine
Hold up I ain’t finna let yall talk down on me
I went to school, worked hard, got a college degree
Plus I’m a whole man outchea, think not?
This job is your life for me it’s a pit stop
Flip-flop I could never do that
I’m trying to do hip-hop and quit this to rap
And I don’t even make enough to pay Sallie Mae back
Stay back I might be leaving ASAP bye

Just clocked in I’m like here we go again
I don’t wanna be here shoulda never came in
Will I be a slave ’til the day I’m in the grave?
(I don’t know) x2

Hold on Dee-1
Just how do you suppose you’re gonna quit this here job?

Check, check it out, look
I might hire a traveling circus, just to have an elephant
Take a huge dump in my boss’s parking spot
That’d be excellent
I might walk in announce I’m quitting
Jump on my boss’s desk with
A marching band behind me playing
“What’s my Name” by DMX
I might just call DMX to hear him say
Aye dog what’s good, and fly him down and scare the heck out
Out of my boss cause I know he would
I’m not gonna call in sick, cuz you’d expect me to come back
I might just call in dead; maybe you’ll get the point after that
I might give 1,000 people a dollar a piece to call my boss and
Say “David hates his job”, yeah that’ll be sweet
I might go back to college and change my major to daydreaming
Cause that’s all I do with this job and that’s why I’m leaving
It’s called freedom and I’m trying to be free
I love the kids I teach but I hate the system, it’s mental slavery
So keep your 1100 dollar paycheck every two weeks
I ain’t never made a dime off rap but I got faith, God’s gone bless me

My thoughts: He NAILED it…everything from daydreaming,  wanting to quit but needing the check to the ways people disrespect teachers inside and outside school to clowning the actual pay (we pretty much got paid the same. They don’t respect teachers man…the paycheck is proof).


My New Favorite Rapper

He’s also my future husband….LOLOL

Check out his album Slingshot David. I’m currently listening to it as I’m doing some work…. it’s great! He tells his life story from childhood up until present day. He’s been through a lot and he’s made tons of sacrifices to live his dreams. He’s probably one of the most positive rappers I’ve come across. I love rap music that doesn’t make me feel like I need to clean my ears, brain and whole soul afterward.

Posting some fave song lyrics soon!



Songversation: Fall by The Belonging Co

So I have this song on repeat currently. It’s called Fall by The Belonging Co. Album image below. I really like this song. I pray that one day the lyrics will be my true and lived reality. I’m going to post the lyrics and then my responses in red.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.59.16 PM

My eyes above what it looks like My eyes above what it looks like I will only see All You promised me

My eyes exactly on what it looks like. Everything looks like it’s going to hell. I don’t see how I’m ever going to get out of debt. I don’t see how I’m ever going to be a social entrepreneur. I don’t see how I’m ever going to change the world. I don’t see how I’m ever going to be married with kids. I don’t see how I’m ever going to convince my parents that I AM NOT SLOW, I AM NOT BEHIND, AND I AM NOT A FUCK UP IN LIFE. All I see is failure and pain all around me.  All I see is my stupidity. I can barely even see You anymore. Eyes on what prize? I can’t even see how attaining the prize is a reality in this universe. I feel that faithless right now. Promises. Promises. Promises. For so long I eyed the promises, and my heart got sick. I worked to regain faith and begged You to help me. I got angry. Here I am again. Angry, heartsick and stuck in the mud and mire that is my life after what has been a very long, dreary, rainy season. I am tired. But yet, I declare “My eyes above what it looks like.” 

My eyes above what it looks like My eyes above what it looks like I want what You want, I want Kingdom come

God what do You actually want? And am I sure that I want that? Most days I feel like You want my complete and utter demise. Most days I feel like You want me to experience humiliation to the nth degree. What does it mean to have Kingdom come? In my life? In my family? WHY DID YOU MAKE ME GOD?!?!? What does it mean that You made me for Your glory? Does it bring You glory to see me suffering and at the end of myself? Does it bring You glory to see me at my wits’ end? Does it bring You glory to see me downcast in despair????? What brings You glory? My life makes no sense. How can it possibly bring You glory? 

Let the weight of Heaven Let the weight of Heaven Fall, Fall, Fall Have your way, Have your way Fall, Fall, Fall Have your way, Have your way

Let Heaven come. Fire Fall Down. Let the weight of Heaven fall. WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN?!?!?!?!?????? What does it mean for You to have Your way in my life? Again God I ask You. Why did You create me? Why am I alive? I literally don’t understand the purpose of my existence right now. Is my current lived reality You having Your way in my life? Is this what You ordained for me before the foundations of the earth? To live a wretched existence? I simply do not get it.

My faith beyond what it feels like My faith beyond what it feels like All the way to You, All the way to breakthrough breakthrough My faith beyond what it feels like My faith beyond what it feels like Not by power or might Holy Spirit right now

Ughhhhhhhhhhh the most convicting words in this song. God. It feels like shit. Everything looks and feels like shit right now. And yet You’re calling me to HAVE FAITH! To trust in You! To believe YOU and what You have told me. I want to cry. I want to scream. I want to die. I want to do anything but continue to live in this tension. This tension of believing Your promises but having everything in my lived and currently reality seem the opposite. This hurts a lot. This is painful. And it’s not like I’m just sitting on my ass doing nothing. I am trying God and I just feel like You’re not doing anything. Why God? Am I doing the wrong things? Not by power or by might….. But by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit what do You want? What do You want to do???????? I am so confused.

Something’s changing in the spirit Something’s breaking I can feel it Heaven come down Heaven come down


Damn I Thought I Could Sing!!!

So in my quest to become a better worship leader and singer-songwriter (among the millions of other things I want to do in life le sigh), I decided to invest in vocal coaching (something I’ve been wanting to do for years).

I can’t afford ridiculously priced vocal lessons.

Found this lady on Youtube. Scheduled a session.

First session was a vocal consultation. I had given her some samples of me singing.

She told me that I had no beauty in my voice….

She told me that if I wanted to sing R&B/Soul, there needed to be smoothness and beauty and I had none of that.

Damn. She came at my life.

Jesus told me that He loves to hear me sing.

This lady is telling me my voice isn’t beautiful.

Who should I believe?

In any case, I humbled myself and came back for another session.

We worked on breathing techniques (the foundation for good singing) and nuance.

It was in this first lesson that I realized…. I don’t really know how to sing….well…

Like I can sing. I can emit sound and I can make that sound sound good… but I don’t have good vocal technique.

I think she could have chosen her words better (no beauty in your voice… shut up… lol)… but she’s right in that I do have things I need to learn.

And so it begins…..