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Not That Fucking Complicated: Police Brutality & Race

A news alert flashed across my phone from the Huffington Post: “Did Justine Damond’s skin color lead to swift action in Minneapolis? Experts say it’s complicated.”

Miss me with the fucking bullshit.

White cop kills black man, black woman. Over and over and over and over again. White cop keeps job. White cop gets placed on paid leave. White cop gets acquitted. White people don’t give a fuck. Simple.

Black cop kills white woman. Cop gets demonized. Police chief resigned. White people give a fuck. Simple.

Black men and women are gunned down everyday. Public outrage is dwarfed by the outpouring that occurs when a white body is brutalized.

That shit ain’t complicated. This country is racist as fuck. The systems are set up to be racist as fuck. The institutions are run by people who are racist as fuck. It ain’t that complicated. It was never that complicated.

The sooner we can tell the truth about our shit, the sooner we can get to the problem and actually make shit better.